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The trips are discussed and planned with the passengers before departure. We are happy to cater to your individual wishes, but we will also prepare a coordinated trip for you. We also monitor the weather conditions and coordinate the trip accordingly.
You can find a possible route here as an example. Only arrival and departure from our Marina Pirovac are fixed.

Routes proposal

Day 1


Island - KAPRIJE / Bay - Mala Nozdra or Island KAKAN / Bay - Tratica / Podkucina

Day 2


Island - Ravni Zakan - Konoba Larus or Zakan or Island Kornat - Opat

Day 3

Island - Ravni Zakan

Lavsa Island - Studenjak Bay - Piskera Island Bathing Stop - Marina

Day 4

Piskera Island - Marina

National Park Telašcica Bay or KORNAT Island Vrulja Bay

Day 5

Telašcica Bay

Island Vrgada or bay Jazina - bathing stop back to Pirovac

Day 6

Place Sali

Island of Mali Iz - Vodenjak Bay - Bathing Stop Island of Pasman - Soline Bay

Day 7

Soline Bay

Island Vrgada or bay Jazina - bathing stop back to Pirovac


A trip with the Larus. A trip (1 week) could look like this.

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